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24-hours online serviceúČplease call us: +86-13660654373 DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT/EMS have 60%-70% discount; EK/TG/EY/QRíşinternational air route have good price in Middle East/Africa/South America/Southeast Asia/Europe countries; International Marine transport(LCL) including duties/tax, can delivery to door tsu_ysr@hotmail.com cn117751653  
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Guangzhou TSU International logistic Co., Ltd is approved by the Chinese government of the legitimate international express/air transport/ Marine transportation agent service company. The company since its establishment in 2006, with its advanced network management concept and advantages, cooperate with the international express delivery companies like DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS and other famous international airlines like CX BA AF SQ EK TG MH TG PR QF CA ZH LH CZ EY J5 JI AK 3C FX 5X AY NZ KL MP TP OZ JL KE 9W SV CIíş, have shared good reputation with clients from all over the world.
Based on a group of professional staff and high efficiency operation level, as we carefully select network partners who familiar with local regulations and conditions, our company has strong cargo business networks throughout China & overseas countries. With the aims of these networks as well as our professional experiences, we can offer you a safe, efficient, accurate, economic, reliable and convenient cargo service all over the world.
Worldwide Express transportation
International express delivery like DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS etc. Express Mode - Door to Door Services
We deliver your documents and parcels to any part of the world in shortest time through our agent offices in over 200 countries with online tracking for every shipment.
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Worldwide Air transportation
TSU has a number of sales people and a number of regular clients. With air freight as its competitiveness, it has departments of domestic and international air freight, and had retained good relationship with airlines like CX BA AF SQ EK TG MH TG PR QF CA ZH LH CZ EY J5 JI AK 3C FX 5X AY NZ KL MP TP OZ JL KE 9W SV CI.
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Worldwide Marine transportation
Shipping by ocean with TSU is the worry-free way to transport merchandise anywhere in the world.
Our main business is Less-than-Container Load (LCL). LCL from china ports to worldwide destinations.
- Flexible Scheduling
- Internet Tracking and Online Booking
- Fast Transit Times
- Competitive Pricing
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